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Serving customers from across the United States and around the World, Kappa Products is centrally located in Chicago, Illinois with easy access to five major expressways and all U.S. and Canadian rail lines.

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What we do at Kappa

The Stern family has been in the fats and oils industry for over 5 generations. After several successful ventures, Ralph Stern saw an opportunity to use his many years of experience in the industry to open a plant that could turn low cost by-products into a variety of desirable finished oils. Founded in 1969, Kappa Products became Chicago's first and oldest family owned animal and vegetable oil processing plant. One of only a handful of companies nationwide that provide these highly specialized services, Kappa Products stands out for superior quality, service, and product integrity. Serving customers from across the United States and around the World, Kappa Products is centrally located in Chicago, Illinois with easy access to five major expressways and all U.S. and Canadian rail lines. 


A short fat history


For more than 100 years, fats and oils have been used in the feed rations of domestic animals raised for human consumption.  Gradually, the industry has come to understand the nutritional beneficial effects of fat as research studies have demonstrated how its higher caloric value boosts the efficacy of feed conversion.  Of all the food types, fat contains the highest energy loading in terms of calories per unit of weight.



Which fat works the best?


Today to achieve these proven beneficial effects on feed conversion, the industry uses feed grade fats from a great variety of sources.  In fact, our industry uses billions of pounds of these fats annually in the United States; in the feed rations of turkeys, pigs, broilers, laying hens, cattle and other species of human food chain animals.


If you are like most of today’s feed mills, you want consistent quality and dependable service for all feed components.  And because fat plays such a critical role in animal nutrition, it’s especially important that the fat you use meets the quality demands of uniformity, consistency, high energy while meeting all FDA guidelines.  

Recycling at its best!

What we Process



Using multiple highly specialized processes, including acidulation and mechanical separation, Kappa Products manufactures a variety of products from multiple feed stocks, which include:

· Vegetable-based by-products including soy, canola, peanut, and corn

· Animal and vegetable oil distillates

· Fatty acid material 

· Recovered oils

· Skimmings

· Biodiesel co-products

· Used Cooking oils

What we Produce



Kappa Products processes animal and vegetable-based by-products and oils to manufacture a variety of high quality products for agricultural and industrial applications. These products include:

· All natural, vegetable-based liquid additives for livestock and poultry that provide a healthy, high energy substitute for steroid-based and hormone-laden feed additives.

· Fatty acid material for chemical and biodiesel manufacturing applications.

· Blending feed stock for alternative fuels.

· Dust control products for use in agricultural and road applications.

· Custom fatty acid materials for mining applications.

Product Purity



Kappa Products assures quality, purity, and compliance from source materials to finished products. An industry leader, Kappa’s state of the art in house lab ensures start to finish quality control, so only the highest-grade ingredients make it through testing and into our products. 

Kappa Products provides products that are effective, affordable and premium grade as well as environmentally responsible. Our processes remove valuable material from by-product streams and repurpose them for uses that enhance industry, encourage sustainability, and even help to make the world's food supply more nutritious.  We are 100% recycling; we reclaim the oil and clean the water.  We conduct our business with a zero-landfill philosophy, mindset, and goal.  


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Professional Affilliations

· AFOA - American Fast & Oil Association 

· AOCS - American Oil Chemists Society 

· CAIC - Calumet Area Industrial Commission 

· IMA - Illinois Manufacturing Association 

· NRA - National Renderers Association

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